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Queen's University

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Identification of Students on Final Examinations

February 28, 2002
(Amended November 28, 2002)


Effective December 2002 the use of student numbers, rather than student names, be mandated as the only means for participants to identify themselves on final examinations, with the exception of machine-scored multiple choice final examinations. Students are required to write their names on machine scored multiple choice answer sheets.


The report "Ensuring Objectivity: A Proposal by the Alma Mater Society to Remove Students Names from Final Examinations" was ratified by the Assembly of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) on March 8, 2001. This report expressed the "concern of the AMS that professors in the course of marking examination papers, no matter how well-intentioned or cautious, may be sub-consciously influenced by associating a student's name on an examination paper with their interaction with that particular student during the term, either positively or negatively." The report recommended:

  • That the use of student numbers only, rather than names and numbers, be mandated for final examinations

  • That the use of current examination booklets be phased-out, rather than eliminated altogether, so as to pose no financial burden on the University to replace existing examination booklets

  • That during this 'phase-out' period, students be encouraged to only write their student number, but that the accidental inclusion of a student name in no way disqualifies their examination

This matter was referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures (SCAP) in March 2001. After careful consideration and consultation with all faculties and schools the Senate accepted the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures that student numbers, rather than student names, be mandated as the only means for students to identify themselves on final examinations. This policy was subsequently amended on November 28, 2002.

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