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Queen's University


Meeting of the Senate

Thursday 18 February 2010, 3:30 p.m.
Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 202

  1. Opening Session

    1. Adoption of Agenda
    2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 28 January 2010 (PDF*, 317 KB) (Appendix A, page 1)
    3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    4. Chair's Report
    5. [Information]
      Other Reports
      1. Research Report (PDF*, 415 KB) (Appendix B, page 9)
      2. [10 minutes]
        COU Orientation by Academic Colleague, Senator Oosthuizen
  2. Question Period (Appendix C, page 10)

    1. From Senator Christie (PDF*, 230 KB), Regarding Review Process for the Academic Plan
  3. Reports of Committees

    1. Academic Development (Appendix D, page 11)
      1. [Action]
        Faculty of Applied Science Name Change (PDF*, 364 KB)
    2. Advisory Research (Appendix E, page 17)
      1. [Action]
        Proposed Amendments to the SNOLAB Institute Constitution (PDF*, 1,773 KB)
    3. Agenda (Appendix F, page 37)
      1. [Action]
        Senate Meeting Dates 2010-2011 (PDF*, 249 KB)
    4. Operations Review
      1. [Information]
        University Planning Committee Proposal (UPC) - Oral Update from the Chair
  4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges

    None Received

  5. Motions

    None Received

  6. Communications (Appendix G, page 38)

    1. [Information]
      Annual Report of the Council on Employment Equity (PDF*, 1,797 KB)
    2. [Discussion]
      UN Invites Universities to Sign Academic Impact Statement (PDF*, 431 KB)
  7. Matters Referred to Standing Committees

    None Received

  8. Other Business

    None Received

  9. Closed Session

    Not Required


G. Moore
Secretary of the Senate

*PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000