University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

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Academic Procedures

To approve annually sessional dates on behalf of Senate

To advise Senate on matters pertaining to the publication of the University Calendars.

To recommend to the Senate policy with respect to examination timetables including supplementals, examination standards, and rules for the proper conduct of examinations, and to resolve, subject to appeal to the Senate, any interfaculty difficulties which may arise in the scheduling of examinations.

To examine and approve grading systems throughout the University.

To recommend to the Senate policy on the content of the student transcript.

To recommend to the Senate University policy on convocations, and act on behalf of the Senate in the arrangements for convocations.

To approve, on behalf of the Senate, Faculty Board-certified lists of degrees, diplomas and certificates.

To report to the Senate after each convocation on the number of degrees, diplomas and certificates approved.

To recommend policies on academic integrity to the Senate and to approve procedures developed to implement these policies.

For individual cases of a breach of academic integrity, in which no appeal has been brought to the University Student Appeals Board, to conduct a review according to s.10 of the Senate Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline, and approve a recommendation that a student be required to withdraw from the University. SCAP shall report (in summary form) annually to Senate on the numbers and types of cases it has reviewed.


1 Ex Officio Member


6 Elected Members (including, preferably, at least one Senator)

3 faculty

1 member of the Alma Mater Society

1 member of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students

1 staff

1 Observer

AMS Academic Affairs Commissioner 

Membership Affiliation Status Term Ends
J. Metcalfe Registrar Ex Officio  
M. White Faculty  Elected Sep-2019
D. Beauchemin Faculty  Elected Sep-2019
S. Matrix Faculty Elected Sep-2018
R. Tung A.M.S. Elected Sep-2018
P. Gilbert S.G.P.S. Elected Sep-2019
J. Hunter Staff Elected Sep-2018
V. Lewarne A.M.S. Academic Affairs Commissioner Elected Sep-2018

ChairJohn Metcalfe

SecretaryA. Arciero Easter