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Queen's University

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Agenda and Summer Advisory

(At its meeting in May of 2013 Senate approved that the Agenda Committee be retitled Agenda and Summer Advisory Committee and that the mandate be revised effective September 2013)

  1. Approve the agenda for each meeting of the Senate.

  2. Determine the items for the Open and Closed Agendas of Senate.

  3. Consider and take action on behalf of the Senate by referring to the appropriate Senate Committee or Senate all matters that may be directed to Senate.

  4. Provide advice on matters of an academic character to the Chair of Senate during the Spring/Summer term when Senate is not in session.

Agenda Consideration Guidelines

The objective of the Agenda and Summer Advisory Committee is to ensure that items falling under the business of Senate, as determined Rules of Procedure of Senate, reach the agenda in a timely and appropriate manner. The following guidelines will be followed in its consideration of potential agenda items.

  1. The Agenda Committee shall draw up the Agenda for the Senate meetings from items submitted to the Secretary and shall arrange that all business that goes forward to the Senate is in properly prepared form.

    If it is the decision of the Agenda and Summer Advisory Committee that an item falls under the jurisdiction of Senate and the item is in the proper form for transmission to Senate, the Committee may require that additional documentation be provided as a condition of the item going forward on a Senate agenda.

Summer Advisory

  1. To advise the Chair of Senate regarding matters of an academic character when Senate is not in session during the Spring/Summer term.  Items agreed upon, or advice given during this period will be reported to Senate at its first meeting of the new session.  


2 Ex Officio Members
Chair of the Senate (who will be Chair of the Committee)
Vice-Chair of the Senate (who will be Vice-chair of the Committee)

1 Dean
3 faculty Senators
1 member of the Alma Mater Society Senator
1 member of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students Senator
1 staff Senator


Membership Affiliation  Status Term Ends
J. Medves Faculty (Nursing) Ex Officio
D. Woolf Office of the Principal Ex Officio
B. Brouwer Faculty (Graduate Studies) Elected Sep-2015
G. Farah Staff (ITServices) Elected Sep-2015
G. Jerkiewicz Faculty (Chemistry) Elected Sep-2015
I. Moore S.G.P.S Elected May-2016
M. Myers Faculty (Education) Elected Sep-2016
R. Ross Kinesiology and Health Studies Elected Sep-2016
P. Smolej A.M.S. Elected Sep-2015


Chair: D. Woolf
Secretary: L. Knox

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000