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Governance and Nominating

(composition revised January 2014)

The Senate Governance and Nominating Committee advises Senate on the efficiency and effectiveness of governance structures and its composition and membership.  It also advises on the composition and membership of Senate standing committees and nominates Senate representatives for appointment to internal and external bodies.

The Governance and Nominating Committee shall:

  1. Advise Senate on operations, efficient and effective structures supporting good governance and appropriate linkages between Senate, Faculty Boards and other parts of the internal governance structure which operate with delegated authority regarding matters of academic policy.
  2. Review and monitor the membership needs of the Senate and its standing and ad hoc committees and to solicit, receive and review names of potential members and recommend members for appointment to such committees by Senate.
  3. Advise Senate on the appointment of Senate representatives to bodies external to Senate and their committees.
  4. Advise Senate on the establishment, terms of reference, composition, membership and retirement of its standing and ad hoc committees and their respective sub-committees.
  5. Monitor and report to Senate on the effective operation of the Senate's standing and ad hoc committees and their sub-committees.



Chair of Senate


4 faculty Senators (one of whom shall be Chair of the Committee)

1 Dean

1 member of the Alma Mater Society Senator

1 member of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students Senator

1 staff Senator

1 faculty non-Senator


Membership Affiliation Status Term Ends
D. Woolf Chair of Senate Ex Officio  
D. Detomasi Faculty (Smith School of Business) Elected  Sep-2018
C. Walker Faculty (Arts and Science) Elected Sep-2018
B. Kutsyuruba Faculty (Education) Elected Sep-2019
Vacancy Faculty     
M. Blennerhassett Faculty (Medicine) Elected Sep-2019
A. Tierney Dean, Student Affairs Elected Sep-2019
J. Li A.M.S. Senator Elected May-2018
A. Grotsky S.G.P.S. Senator Elected May-2018
K. Bowes Staff Senator Elected Sep-2018

Chair: D. Detomasi

Secretary: R. Coupland