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Queen's University

Membership of the Senate 2013 - 2014

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Ex Officio
D. Woolf Principal and Vice-Chancellor
A. Harrison Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
S. Liss Vice-Principal (Research)
D. Saunders Dean, School of Business
R. Luce-Kapler Acting Dean, Faculty of Education
K. Woodhouse Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
B. Brouwer Vice-Provost and Dean, School of Graduate Studies
R. Reznick Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
W. Flanagan Dean, Faculty of Law
S. Mumm Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
A. Tierney Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs
M. Whitehead University Librarian
D. Beauchemin President, Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA)
E. Berkok President, Alma Mater Society (AMS)
I. Reeve  President, Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS)


The Faculty of Arts and Science Term Ends
M. Hird Sociology 2014
P. Fachinger English 2014
D. Garvie Economics 2014
M. L. Adams  Kinesiology and Health Studies 2014
G. McIntire  English 2014
D. Tripp  Psychology 2014
I. Duchaine  Arts and Science Undergraduate Society 2014
J. P. Stanley  Arts and Science Undergraduate Society 2014
N. Utioh  Arts and Science Undergraduate Society 2014
G. Jerkiewicz Chemistry 2015
P. Martin Computing 2015
C. Moyes  Biology 2015
D. Bakhurst  Philosophy 2015
T. Chishti  Arts and Science Undergraduate Society 2015
P. Smolej  Arts and Science Undergraduate Society 2015
D. de Witt  Kinesiology and Health Studies 2016
D. Knight  Philosophy 2016
R. Ross Kinesiology and Health Studies 2016
J. Rotermundt-de la Parra Language, Literature and Cultures 2016


The Faculty of Education Term Ends
H. Ramsay  Education Student Senator 2014
S. Burney  2014
L. Colgan 2015
C. Christie  2016


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Term Ends
M. Brunner Engineering Students' Society 2014
P. Oosthuizen  Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2014
E. De Souza  The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining 2015
K. Pilkey Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2015
S. Yousefi Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015
E. Townshend  Engineering Students' Society 2015
L. Notash  Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2016
C. MacDougall  Engineering and Applied Science (Grad Council) 2016


The Faculty of Health Sciences Term Ends
K. McCormick Nursing Students' Society 2014
G. Eom Aesculapian Students' Society 2014
H. Abdollah Dept. of Medicine 2014
D. Maurice Biomedical and Molecular Sciences 2014
J. Medves Nursing 2014
L. Cheng  Rehabilitation Therapy Students' Society 2014
T. Krupa Rehabilitation Therapy 2015
C. Ward Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (Grad Council) 2015


The Faculty of Law Term Ends
N. McCormack 2014
A. Bigioni  Law Students' Society 2014
A. Manson  2016


The School of Business Term Ends
A. Au  Commerce Students' Society 2014
V. Jiang Commerce Students' Society 2014
K. Brohman 2015
L. Purda 2015
Y. Chan  2016


The School of Graduate Studies Term Ends
H. Falahati  Society of Graduate and Professional Students 2014
T. Jenkin Business (Grad Council) 2014


Staff Term Ends
P. Hart Physical Plant Services 2014
G. Farah  ITServices 2015


Chair D. Woolf
Vice-Chair P. Oosthuizen
Secretary L. Knox
Associate G. MacAllister


B. King QUSA
N. Francis  Rector
J. A. MacLeod Graduate Student Trustee
A. Aulthouse  Undergraduate Student Trustee 
 J. Hill Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre


Terms for faculty and staff are normally 3 years;
Terms for students are 2 years, except for two 1-year positions in Arts & Science, two 1-year positions in Business, one 1-year position in Education.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000