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ARCHIVE: November 2012


November 22, 1:57 am: Campus - Kingston City Police contacted Campus Security to report they were looking for a suspected bike thief observed in the area.

According to their Dispatcher, the suspect fled from Security staff at Kingston General Hospital and was last seen running northward across Stuart Street and onto Nixon Field. Campus Security was notified and searched the area but the individual was not located.

He was described as a white male with a thin build and approximately 5'8" tall. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a black overcoat & hoodie, and carrying a backpack.


November 20/21, Near Main Campus: - The ERC received a number of reports concerning vehicle occupants throwing objects at pedestrians as they drove by.

11:23 pm - The AMS Walkhome desk reported one of their teams had eggs and potatoes thrown at them while they were accompanying a student home.

11:42 pm - A student reported having been struck by an egg thrown from a dark color SUV while she was riding a bicycle within the past 5 minutes. The vehicle slowed down and insults were exchanged before it drove off.

00:10 am - A student reported that she and a friend were walking to West Campus about an hour earlier when she was hit by a plastic cup thrown from a passing SUV; thrown by a laughing male occupant. The vehicle was headed towards main campus at that time, and so may be related to the other two incidents reported to our department.

In all cases the vehicle was described as an SUV - twice indicated as being dark in color. A witness to one of the assaults was able to collect specific vehicle details that were subsequently provided to Kingston City Police.

If you experienced a similar assault, or otherwise have information that could lead to the identification of the individuals involved, please contact the Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6080 or Kingston City Police at 613-549-4660.


November 20, 6:54 am: JDUC - An Engineering student reported that his jacket stolen was stolen from where it had been left unattended between 7:20pm and 10pm the previous evening.

It is described as being goldish/purple in color, year 13, size 44, with a Canadian and Indian flag on lower back, and a ChemEng bar on sleeve. 


November 19, 4:05 pm - The ERC was informed that a bat had been found asleep underneath a projector screen inside a classroom. Arrangements were made to have it safely removed from the building, but when the original caller was notified of this, they reported that their professor had already removed the bat by using a bucket and a pair of gloves.


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