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Past graduate students

Stéphanie Boyer (MSc, PhD - Psychology)
Reproductive health care experiences in women with chronic vulvar pain: Patient and physician perspectives

Corrie Goldfinger (MSc, PhD - Psychology)
A randomized comparison of individual cognitive-behavioural therapy and pelvic floor physiotherapy in the treatment of provoked vestibulodynia

Katherine Sutton (PhD - Psychology)
Assessing sensory functioning, psychosocial correlates, and brain activity in women with vulvodynia subtypes

Karen Blair (PhD - Psychology)
Perceived social support for relationships as a predictor of relationship well-being and mental and physical health in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships: A longitudinal investigation

Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier (MSc - Rehabilitation Therapy, co-supervised with Dr. Linda McLean)
Investigating contractile behavior of the painful pelvic floor and effects of pelvic floor physiotherapy on pelvic floor muscle function in women with provoked vestibulodynia

Samantha Waxman (PhD - Psychology)
Examining female sexual arousal and female sexual arousal disorder from a multidimensional perspective

Kelly Smith (PhD - Psychology)
Investigating sensory and relationship functioning in women with vulvodynia

Past undergraduate honours thesis students

Kaitlyn Meloche (2015-6)
The Influence of Information Sources and Personality Factors on Perceptions and Predictors of Choice of Delivery Method

Eilish Scallan (2015-6)
Exploring Psychological and Social Factors Contributing to Sexual Functioning in New Mothers

Jessica Barr (2014-5)
Exploring Women’s Desire for Labiaplasty and Ethical Attitudes towards the Controversial Surgery

Amanda Shelley (2014-5)
Examining the Relationship between Vulvar Blood Flow & Vaginal Lubrication

Manya Singh (2014-5)
The Validation of Laser Doppler Imaging (LDI) as a Measure of Male Genital Sexual Arousal

Katie Bartley (2013-4)
Male circumcision status: Effects on partners

Erin Zadorozny (2013-4)
Sexual arousal in women with sexual arousal and desire difficulties

Marissa Walter (2012-3)
Effect of personality, experimental invasiveness, and compensation on willingness to participate in sexuality studies

Lynita White (2012-3)
A model of sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction within attachment theory

Jennifer Eshleman (2011-2)
The role and treatment of cognitive factors in provoked vestibulodynia

Maeve Wickham (2009-10)
The role of pain catastrophizing and pain anxiety on pelvic floor physiotherapy treatment outcomes in women with provoked vestibulodynia

Jennifer Brunet (2009-10)
The relationship between anxiety and sexual arousal in women with and without provoked vestibulodynia

Emma Dargie (2008-9)
Sexual and relationship satisfaction, intimacy, love and communication in long distance dating relationships

Stephanie Taillefer (2008-9)
The relationship between partner-response style, general and pain-specific anxiety, and avoidance behaviour in women with provoked vestibulodynia

Chris Upton (2008-9)
Examination of female sexual arousal to specific erotic stimuli

Clare Devlin (2007-8)
The roles of body image, pain catastrophizing, pain severity, and coping in women with vulvar pain

Shaina Rosenrot (2007-8)
Pain anxiety, and sexual communication, satisfaction and esteem among women with provoked vestibulodynia

Kelsey Smart (2007-8)
The impact of dyadic ajustment on body image, body exposure, and sexual esteem in same- and other-sex partnered individuals

Katherine Alexander (2006-7)
The impact of outness on health, relationship satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction among LGB men and women

Laura Leong (2006-7)
General health status and sexual and relationship satisfaction among women with vulvar vestibultitis syndrome

Christina Yager (2005-6)
Relationship and sexual satisfaction among married and cohabiting heterosexual and same-sex couples

Nina Mafrici (2005-6)
The influence of sexual orientation on the relationship between body image and sexual satisfaction

Deanne Simms (2004-5)
Spouse solicitousness and couple functioning in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome