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Over the last decade, the Sexual Health Research Lab (SexLab) has initiated research projects that span a wide range of topics in the field of human sexuality. Graduate students, medical doctors, clinical psychologists, researchers, midwives, community members, research assistants, and undergraduate volunteers have all contributed to research in the SexLab over the years on topics such as: sexual dysfunction, chronic genital pain (i.e., vulvodynia), sensitivity measurement, women’s gynecological experiences, sexual health, male and female sexual arousal, brain and blood flow imaging, male circumcision, and relationships.

As the field of human sexuality research continues to evolve, so does our wide range of research interests and collaboration networks. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can become part of new or ongoing research projects in the SexLab, please forward your resume, statement of interest (including what sets you apart in terms of the skills that you can contribute to the lab environment), and transcripts (if applicable) to