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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Admissions & Registration staff in the School of Graduate Studies

Admissions Assistants in the School of Graduate Studies work throughout the year with graduate programs and departments to process the administrative requirements in the application and admissions process. This work includes processing online and paper applications and gathering the documentation needed about each applicant.

In addition, these staff assist current students with all tasks associated with their student status such as registration, adding/dropping courses, changing study status and reviewing program details.

Admissions & Registration Assistants

Applicant Last Name Admission & Registration Assistant Name Extension Email
A - D Erfan Aghdasi 78088 
E - K Ola Okomski 77304
L - R Janet Dudek 77305 
S - Z Wendy van Dinther 77306

Receptionist/Administrative Secretary

Name Ext Email
Nancy Hicks 77303


Name Ext Email
Barbara Quesnel 79351