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Academic & Professional Development: Expanding Horizons

Queen’s University has many resources available to assist you in attaining your degree and preparing you for life after graduation.  Most of these resources are outlined in our new Expanding Horizons website – the site for academic & professional development. This new site provides valuable resources to help you develop the academic and personal skills needed to be successful graduate students while at Queen's. The site also offers assistance in career development. Building a strong foundation for a career after graduation while you are a student will ease this transition.  It's not too early to begin.

Versatile Graduate (Versatile PhD online resource)

School of Graduate Studies has subscribed to the Versatile PhD (VPhD), an online resource for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  This new institutional subscription enables Queen’s students, staff and faculty to access the premium content of the online database free of charge.  The VPhD provides real, practical information on how to transition from a doctoral program into a vast array of non-academic careers.  Authentic resumes and cover letters that led real PhDs to their first position outside of academia and detailed step-by-step accounts of their hiring process and networking opportunities provide students with very pragmatic, detailed information about how to break into the non-academic job market with a PhD (or ABD).  

Access the Versatile PhD via the login button on the “My Queen’sU” page, “My Applications” tab.

Graduate Academic Calendar

To find out about SGS and program specific regulations, consult the official Graduate Academic Calendar.

Progressing to Degree Completion

It is important when you meet with your supervisor, to plan your milestones as you progress through your degree.  There are many resources available to you, to achieve these milestones.  Many are listed in the Expanding Horizons website.

Dissertation Boot Camp

Need help in getting the writing done?  Then the Dissertation Boot Camp may be what you need to sign up for. A week of just writing, find out more about what it is and when the next boot camp is.

SGS Policies

There are many policies and guidelines in the School of Graduate Studies.  Our Academic Matters page lists some of those policies (see below), but all can be found on the SGS Academic Calendar under General Regulations.

Health & Wellness

Learn how to look after yourself as a graduate student via our "Health & Wellness" section.