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Effective communication with your supervisor/advisor

Part of the Expanding Horizons workshop series

Date: Wednesday, September 17
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Host: Dr Arunima Khanna (HCDS)  & Dr Sandra den Otter (History & SGS)
Venue: Rm 325A (Career Services)
Theme: Communication & Interpersonal Development

This workshop provides invaluable guidance on how to communicate effectively with your supervisor. The relationship between graduate student and supervisor is one of the most critical parts of a graduate student’s life and building and nurturing this relationship depends in part on open and mutually respectful communication. Graduate students share responsibility with the supervisor for maintaining direct, frequent, and clear communications and this workshop provides some tips on how to nurture an effective supervisory-student relationship.

Taking a multicultural focus, the workshop will seek to provide information on the areas listed above, and to provide case-studies to illustrate some of the challenges of supervisory-student communication with practical suggestions on problem solving and avenues for assistance if communication breaks down. Tips on how to manage the intercultural elements of the student-supervisory relationship will also be covered.