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Intercultural Training

Starts October 1st

International and Canadian students benefit from the Communication Skills for Success in Canadian Culture workshop series because the workshops are not about language. Instead we focus on the way social interactions generally take place in Canadian culture. Topics range from…how to work in a group or team setting and how to make social conversation to refusing a request or asking for help. Sometimes these things are done very differently (or not at all) in different cultural settings.  We examine how these exchanges take place in all of the cultures represented in the room, and then Canadian students  help their peers learn how they takes place in a Canadian setting, and why.  Everyone becomes a learner! These workshops are highly engaging and interactive.


Queen's Career Fair

For the first time Career Services has combined two popular events (The fall Career Fair and the Further Education Expo) to give students more opportunities to learn about future employment and education options

Tuesday September 30, 2014