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School of Graduate Studies

Quality Assurance Processes (QUQAPs)

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As mandated by the Council on Ontario Universities (COU) Quality Assurance Framework, the University has established processes for ensuring the continuing high quality of both existing and new undergraduate and graduate programs.  The Queen's University Quality Assurance Process (QUQAP) replaces the Internal Academic Review as well as the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies review processes.

All documents pertaining to the Quality Assurance including the province’s Quality Assurance Framework, the QUQAP document and templates for new programs, cyclical program reviews and modifications to existing programs (minor and major) can be found on the Office of the Provost website. Please always download the required templates from this site as they are updated periodically and one want to use the most recent version. If you have questions about the templates that must be completed, or about the nature of modifications being proposed please consult with your Associate Dean in the School of Graduate Studies.

The Queen's Center for Teaching and Learning can provide program-specific consultation on graduate degree level expectations and learning outcomes. Contact

The following are some resources on graduate degree level expectations, learning outcomes, and indicators of achievement.

Resources from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) website
Other Resources