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The Lake Shift - Day Five

By Colette Steer, July 28, 2016

So with any sort of retreat, eventually it has to end!

three students canoeing

Today after breakfast was the last effort to do some more writing before our final wrap up session. Even though writing time didn’t start till 9am, it was fun to hear students looking to get that last canoe trip in or last swim. Some funny sights on the canoeing front, but luckily all made it back to dry land.

Packing up is never easy, but in the wrap up session it was great to listen to how the students felt about the week and the first Lake Shift. I am sure they will go home and ponder about the week, but right now there is a feeling of euphoria around camp. They have written, they have laughed, they had played, they had relaxed. Not bad for 41 grad students from 7 universities getting together for the first time.

It was nice to see contact swapping and knowing there is now a Lake Shift community they can all call upon.

After lunch it was time to catch the shuttle back to Kingston to catch the bus or train. It was difficult to bid them farewell, but it was satisfying to see so many smiles.

The School of Graduate Studies would like to thank the wonderful staff at Queen’s University Biology Station for looking after us so well. To the researchers there, thanks for putting up with us taking over your camp. To the students who were brave enough to come to the Lake Shift, well you are all awesome.

So the Lake Shift for 2016 is a wrap. Thanks for reading my posts, I hope it gave you a glimmer of what the retreat was all about.

Final summary:

Loons calling in the morning – most heard them, some of us were too sleepy

  • Sighting of a deer with her little ones - 3
  • Number of post-it notes moved from “goals” to “achievement” – almost all of them
  • Number of photos taken with new friends – lots
  • Number of tweets Jason posted – just about all of them! Well done Jason
  • Number of sad but happy faces to leave camp – all of them