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Sarah Smith - Art is political for GG's Gold Medal Winner

The way art can be used to tell stories about our nation intrigues recent PhD graduate Sarah E.K. Smith. This spring she received the Governor General’s Gold Medal for her research examining visual and material culture in relation to North American free trade. The Governor General’s medals are presented to graduate students with the highest academic standing at participating Canadian universities


Erik Drysdale - Forecasting in the Financial World

Erik Drysdale measures time in issues of the Economist, forecasts the future of Canada quarter by quarter, and ponders what he’d do if he knew the world were to end in the year 2100. Drysdale is an Economics Masters student in Queen’s intensive one-year coursework program. In his work as in different areas of his life, he operates on the principle of maximizing the value of his time. 


Melanie Walker - Creating a Niche For Herself

When Melanie Walker was in high school, her dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. It made her curious about medicine, but she wasn’t sure exactly how that might figure into her career path. As time would tell, the interest led her through a Queen’s BScH psychology undergraduate degree, work as a research associate at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, back to Queen’s for an MSc in Public Health Sciences (then Community Health and Epidemiology), then to work at the NCIC Clinical Trials Group (NCIC CTG), and again back to the Department of Public Health Sciences for a PhD. Last month, her father, now 80 years old, watched her cross the stage as she received that doctoral degree.