School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Program Contacts

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Aging & Health Martina McAllister 75302
Anatomical Sciences Sirena Jonik 77155
Biomedical & Molecular Sciences

Wendy Cumpson - Last Names A-L
Diane Sommerfeld - ​Last Names M-Z



Biostatistics Sue Preston 32901
Cancer Research Contact your home program    
Combined MD/research contact your home program
Epidemiology Sue Preston 32901
Healthcare Quality Michelle Trotter 75370
Medical Sciences Emily Greenwood 32088
Neuroscience Lucy Russo-Smith 36360
Nursing Susan Downey 77746
Occupational Therapy Laurie Kerr 77318
Pathology & Molecular Medicine Mark Andrews 79558
Physical Therapy Kathy Grant 79141
Public Health Gerri Lyman 32234
Rehabilitation and Health Leadership Martina McAllister 75302
Rehabilitation Science Anne Linscott 75056

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Faculty of Arts and Science

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Art Conservation Stefanie Killen 32742
Art History Dawn Lloyd 32517
Arts Leadership Amie Bello 74336
Arts Management Amie Bello 74336
Astrophysics & Astronomy Loanne Meldrum 32687
Biology Joanne Surette 36138
Chemistry Michelle Boutilier 75782
Computing Debby Robertson 77549
Classics Judy Vanhooser 32745
Cultural Studies Danielle Gugler 33432
Cultural Studies Carri Miles 79462
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership Marilyn Redmond 32977
Economics Danielle Wallace 32259
Economics - Risk Policy & Regulation Diploma TBA 36191
English Lovorka Fabek-Fischer 74447
Environmental Studies Paul Bass 77531
French Language & Literature Agathe Nicholson 32086
Geological Sciences Kelly McCaugherty 33017 
Gender Studies Terrie Easter-Sheen 75397
Geography Angela Balesdent 74360
Global Development Studies Yolanda Thompson 77626
History Cathy Dickison 74352
Industrial Relations Anne-Marie Bergman 77319
Professional MIR Anne-Marie Bergman 77319
German Margaret Maliszewska 32072
Mathematics & Statistics Jennifer Read 32405
Philosophy Susanne Cliff-Jungling 77027
Physics Loanne Meldrum 32687
Political Studies Kristina Fennell 77452
Psychology Kelly Sparks 32872
Religious Studies Mary Smida 32109
Kinesiology & Health Studies Angie Maltby 75214
Sociology Celina Caswell 36684
Urban & Regional Planning Jo-Anne Tinlin 77057

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Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Applied Sustainability contact your home program    
Biomedical Engineering contact your home program    
Chemical Engineering Laurie Phillips 74830
Civil Engineering Debbie Ritchie 79359
Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries Ann Johnson 32230
Electrical & Computer Engineering Debie Fraser 32179
Engineering Physics Loanne Meldrum 32687
Geological Engineering Kelly McCaugherty 33017 
GeoEngineering Jolanda Nobel 36370
Mathematics & Engineering Jennifer Read 32405
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Jane Davies 36928
Mining Engineering Kate Cowperthwaite 79312

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Policy Studies

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Public Administration Fiona Froats 77006

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Faculty of Law

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Law Dianne Flint 74296

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Smith School of Business

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Management Teresa Touchette (MSc, PhD Assist.) 32303
Nancy Chase (MSc, PhD Assist.) 36280

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Faculty of Education

Department Grad Assistant Ext Email
Education Natalie Lefebvre 78530
Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry Nicole Pennell 36206
Professional Masters of Education Nicole Pennell 36206

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