School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Work-Life Balance Challenges & Strategies

Part of the Expanding Horizons Workshop Series

Who: Dennis Pringle, SGS Counsellor (Student Wellness office)
When: 29th May, 2018 (9am - 11am)
Where: Gordon Hall, room 302

Join Queens Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Marta Straznicky and Grad Counsellor Dennis Pringle to explore exciting insights and strategies for achieving your ideal Work - Life Balance. You will have an opportunity to assess your own  work-life balance, learn about strategies and resources, and reflect on the meaning of ‘work-life’ balance for you personally and in our society more broadly.


1/ What is work - life balance?

2/ Balancing imbalanced realities

3/ Graduate Students and the work - life - study balance

4/ Mental Health and work - life balance

5/ Mind, Body, Spirit and work - life balance

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