The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies works closely with the departments and organizations listed below:

Special Events

Winter Adapted Games (WAG)

Children and youth from the Kingston community who have an identified disability are invited to the Queen’s campus for a fun-filled day of non-competitive games and activities. Learn more.

SKHS Research Laboratories

SKHS Research Centres

  1. Development and delivery of an annual short course on obesity.
  2. Development of a collaborative program of research
  3. Faculty and student exchanges and researcher visits.
  4. Partnerships and Networking.

CAMBIO (Canada - Mexico Battling Childhood Obesity) is a multidisciplinary, international team of investigators participating in a program to enhance research capacity in the field of childhood obesity in Mexico. The network, led by Dr. Ian Janssen, at Queen's University, Canada, Dr. Juan López Taylor Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico, is strengthened by researchers specialising in obesity, epidemiology, physical activity and health, nutrition, pediatrics, population and community health, sociology, health surveillance, physiology, and other research areas.

CAMBIO’s long-term goals are to increase research capacity and knowledge transfer, and to promote partnerships and collaborations. To achieve these goals, four key activities are being undertaken:

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