Other Adjuncts

Name Location Area of Expertise
Matti Allen Queen's University School of Medicine Clinical Neuromuscular Physiology
Simon Barquera Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica Physical Activity Epidemiology
Brenda Bruner Nipissing University Health Promotion
Mark Bruner Nipissing University Sport Psychology
Janice Deakin University of Western Ontario Motor Learning
Zeevi Dvir Tel Aviv University Biomechanics
Mohammad Eramaki-Abdoli Ryerson University Biomechanics
Blair Evans Queen's University Psychology of Sport
Ryan Graham Nipissing University Ergonomics
P. David Howe Loughborough University Sport and Disability
Rosemary Jolly Penn State University Health Promotion
Peter Katzmarzyk Louisiana State University System, Pennington Biomedical Research Center Physical Activity Epidemiology
Craig Simpson Department of Emergency Medicine, Queen's University Muscle Physiology