Reports & Admin Forms

Administrative Forms

Visit our Graduate Section for:

Casual Pay Form - scroll down to Timesheet for Casual and Bi-Weekly Paid Employees - this Form is used to pay all casual employees, undergraduate students, or graduate students working casual hours.  Graduate student payments and/or overtime or additional payments for monthly contract research staff should be submitted by no later than the 9th day of each month to ensure processing for that month.  All other casual payments should be submitted to meet the casual bi-weekly pay submission scheduled available from Josie Birchall at: or visit her in KHS 206

Undergraduate Student Reference Letter Request Form - Students will need to complete this form and hand it into their professor when requesting an academic reference. Students who are registered in the BPHE program are exempt from this requirement if they signed a Consent to Disclose Personal Information form in first year (standard practice). Professors in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies can confirm that the release form is in your file by contacting the UG Office.

Guest Lecturer Policy and Payment Form - submit completed Form to Josie Birchall in SKHS Finance, KHS 206.

How to Hire a Research Staff Member - step by step guide for faculty members to follow when hiring RAs etc into their lab

How to Set Up A Visiting Graduate Student - supervisors may host visiting research/graduate students for specified periods of time.  Instructions - please complete the two Forms below and submit them in PDF format to the SKHS Graduate Assistant at:

  • Visiting Graduate Student (VRSA) Form
  • Visiting Graduate Student Supervisor Letter Template

Visit the Research section for instructions and forms to prepare your Human Research Ethics submission.

Moveable Assets Tracking Sheet - mandatory process for tracking purchase/transfer/decommission of equipment (excluding furniture and desktop computers) valued at $2,000 or more.  This mandatory process is managed by the SKHS Building Operations Manager, Tim Dowker at: and the SKHS Administrative Assistant, Angie Maltby at:  All SKHS faculty and staff are required to prepare/submit a Moveable Assets Tracking Sheet at the time of purchase/transfer/decommission of any piece of equipment (excluding furniture and desktop computers) valued at $2K or more.  The Form contains all relevant instructions.