Name Telephone Office Staff type(s) Position(s)
Josie Birchall 613-533-6000 x78584 KHS 206
Financial and Departmental Assistant
Tim Dowker 613-533-6000 x79039 KHS 302 Technical Technical Services and Building Operations Manager
Angie Maltby 613-533-6000 x75214 KHS 206
Administrative Assistant and Graduate Program Assistant
Michelle McCalpin 613-533-6000 x78470 KHS 206 Undergraduate Internship Coordinator
Melody Monte 613-533-6000 x77803 KHS 206 Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies
Trish Stenzl 613-533-6000 x75228 KHS 206 Undergraduate Undergraduate Program Assistant, Receptionist
Anna van der Meulen 613-533-6000 x74685 KHS 206C Undergraduate Department Manager and Undergraduate Chair
Robert Watering 613-533-6000 x79155 KHS 206E Undergraduate Laboratory and Educational Coordinator