Teaching Assistant Positions

Teaching Assistant Positions Available for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015

SKHS Graduate Students in Preference Group A will be given priority - see PSAC 901 TA TF Collective Agreement for definition.
It is helpful to download the SKHS Graduate Timetable 2014-2015 while selecting your TA preferences - be sure to select TA positions that do not conflict with your graduate course attendance schedule

How to Apply

SKHS Graduate Students apply for TA positions via the SKHS TA Application Online Site.  Instructions on identifying and ranking which SKHS undergraduate courses you would like to be considered to serve as a TA are available on the site. 

CLICK  HERE for SKHS TA Positions Available for 2014-2015 

The Timetable provides a summary of details on course lecture, lab, seminar and tutorial times for all courses offered in that academic session that require TA support. 

Links to a course outline for each listed course is included in the Timetable document available on the SKHS Undergraduate website.  Details for each course timeslot and lab/seminar/tutorial requirements and timeslots are also noted on the TA App Site with each course listing. 

Please note some courses have specific requirements for TAs to perform that require the TA to be on site on specific dates.  Those dates and requirements are listed on the Timetable document and are truly non-negotiable. You must be available on those dates to perform those duties so do not apply for those positions unless you are able to commit your time accordingly.


The SKHS Graduate Assistant will forward an email to all eligible SKHS Graduate Students providing them with the specified dates during which they may visit the TA App Site and perform their ranking choices.  This timeline will be ten (10) working days.  Following that timeline the site will close to further access.

Application Due Date for 2014/15 positions is:  Tuesday 08 July 2014 at 12:00 noon


  1. TA ranking requests provided by graduate students via the Online App system will be reviewed by the SKHS Admin Academic team and final assignments identified. 
  2. The SKHS Graduate Assistant will forward each identified TA their TA Agreement Form for acceptance.
  3.  The TA will accept or decline the assignment as appropriate. Students who decline assignments are considered for but not guaranteed an alternate assignment depending on the needs of the School's programs. 

Payment and Payroll Set-Up

  1. Upon student acceptance of a TA contract offer, the SKHS Graduate Assistant will prepare an online TA payment contract. 
  2. The Student will accept the online contract to initiate regular monthly TA payments for each of their TA contracts for each Term of that academic session. 
  3. TA payments are made as direct deposits to Student bank accounts on the last working day of each month from Sep to Dec (Fall Term) and Jan to Apr (Winter Term) each year in 1/4 the total TA contract amount for that Term.
  4. If for any reason you do not get paid on time in the right amount or have any other questions about your TA monthly payments contact the SKHS Graduate Assistant at:  aam2@queensu.ca / x75214 immediately to check/make corrections for that payment and ensure future payments are also correct.

Completion - Signing of TA Agreement Confirmed Tasks/Duties/Hours for Each Contract

  1. Each TA will meet with the Course Instructor of each course they have been assigned to complete the TA Agreement, before performing any TA responsibilities and no later than the first week of classes in each Term, and identify the various responsibilities and the number of hours associated with those responsibilities for each TA assignment. 
  2. The Course Instructor will return all original, completed, signed TA Agreements to the SKHS Graduate Assistant by 19 Sep for the Fall Term and 15 Jan for the Winter Term.
  3. The SKHS Graduate Assistant will make a copy of each TA Contract for the Course Instructor, the TA, PSAC 901, and file the original in the Student's SKHS student file.

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All teaching assistantships are governed by the PSAC 901 TA TF Collective Agreement

Contact PSAC 901:  info@psac901.org 


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