Current Graduate Students

2014 New Grads


Back Row L to R:

James Raleigh, Aaron Derouin, Matthew Giles, Amarah Epp-Stobbe, Sarah Carbone, Matthew McGuckin, Jordan LeFebvre, Adam Ali, Alex Lithopoulos, Iain McPhee

Middle Row L to R:

Darran Atrooshi, Michael Borghese, Katrina D’Urzo, Madison Koekkoek, Jennifer Matusiak, Maha Malabari, Ally Kassam, Alexandra Kobetich,  Peter Sheahan

Front Row L to R:

Natalia Mukhina, Kristine Palma, Kimberley Moull, Erica Baker, Anoushka Moucessian, Rebecca Lau, Angie Maltby (Grad Assistant), Gwyneth Ross

Inset:  Dr. Stevenson Fergus, Acting Graduate Coordinator

Absent:  Veronica Allan, Andrea Brennan, Colin Baillie

2013 New Grads


Top Left:  Lucie Lévesque, Graduate Coordinator

Back Row L to R:

Angie Maltby, Graduate Assistant, Alex Ricketts, Thomas Ferrao, Chris Bailey, Billy Bostad, Hoda Gharib

Middle Row L to R:

Michelle McCalpin, Heather Nyamazana, Sarah Schmitter, Theresa Cowan, Paul Makhoul, Bryce Donald, Alyssa Fenuta, Isolda Penney

Front Row L to R:

Hilary McKenna, Ashley Johnson, Susan Belyea, Frances Browning, Veronica Allan, Zoe Hunter, Angela Fernandez

Absent from Picture:  Ashley Adler, Samantha Lowe, Meghan Plotnick, Elizabeth Price, Jeremy Walsh

2012 New Grads


Back Row L to R:

Colin Baillie, John Clarke, Victoria Millious, Sarah Barnes, Jordan Robson, David Slattery, Ira Carson, Sara Giovannetti, Brendan Levac

Centre Row L to R:

Trevor King, Brian Beaudette, Jenn Wigglesworth, Ashley Adler, Brendan Coffey, Shriya Hari, Flurry Hogg, Celina Shirazipour, Kori Cembal, Laure Sabatier, Elham Mojarad, Brittany Edgett

Front Row L to R:

Mitch Wilson, Samantha King (Graduate Coord), Angie Maltby (Grad Assistant), Jocelyn Jarvis, Renee Matte, Andrea Brennan, Trish Scribbans


Emma Bassettt, Robert Bentley, Danai Kapsokefalou, Jasmin Ma, Matthew Vierimaa

Current Grads

There are typically 75 SKHS graduate students in various stages of degree completion working either on or off campus in full or part time capacities. All grad students have their own workstation in one of the various labs in the School. 

The Active Research Labs in the School include:

Cardiovascular Stress Response
Exercise Physiology
Health Promotion
Human Vascular Control
Muscle Physiology
Psychology of Sport
Physical Activity Epidemiology
Socio-Cultural Studies of Sport, Health and the Body