Chapter 6 - Course Work

You will plan your course of study in consultation with your Supervisor on the first day of Orientation Week in September of your first term.   As you move through your program, your Advisory Committee may recommend additional course work to prepare you for your thesis research. The program of study includes:

1a)  2 one-term graduate level courses to be taken for credit (primary) (courses to ADDED or DROPPED using Academic Change Form)

1b)  Course in Research Ethics (CORE) - SGS 804 (preloaded to your online transcript)

1c)  Thesis KHS 999 - to be defended orally

1d)  Courses taken as secondary or audited determined in consultation with your supervisor

1a)  Courses to be Taken for Credit (primary)

SGS groups courses into two categories:  Primary and Secondary.  A primary course is defined as any course, or designated replacement course, that you are required to take as part of your approved course of study to satisfy your degree requirements. Primary courses include courses within the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and courses in associated cognate departments. Substitutions for primary courses are not usually allowed.

Doctoral students in the School must complete six one-term graduate level courses beyond the Bachelor's degree, two of which must taken as primary courses during their tenure as an SKHS doctoral student. If necessary, some coursework may be done outside the School. A minimum final grade of 65% is required in all primary courses.

1b)  Course in Research Ethics (CORE) - SGS 804

All doctoral students are required to complete SGS 804 - Course in Research Ethics education before they may begin any research work involving human subjects.  You will add this course requirement to your Academic Change Notice during your meeting with your supervisor on the first day of Orientation Week.  The online tutorial is available at Course in Research Ethics (CORE) (SGS 804). 

1c) Thesis KHS 999 (to be defended orally)

All doctoral students must prepare and defend their final thesis document orally.  An approved thesis proposal must be on file in order for students to proceed to the oral defense.  The oral defense format varies for Socio-Cultural based students - your supervisor will provide you with the details.

1d)  Courses to be Taken as Secondary or Audited

Secondary courses include all other courses that you may elect to take as options or which you may be advised to take by your Supervisor or Advisory Committee.   A grade of 50% will be considered acceptable for secondary courses.  Students may also (in consultation with their Supervisor) take courses on an audit basis. The requirements for successful completion of audited courses shall be determined by the course instructor and the student.