Graduate Course Evaluation

Graduate course evaluation is done at the request of the SKHS graduate course instructor.  The purpose of these evaluations is for graduate students to provide feedback to the course instructor.  The information may be used by the School to maintain and improve excellence in its graduate course offerings.

Process Where the Graduate Course Instructor Requests Evaluation

  1. Students in that graduate course will elect a class representative.
  2. Class representative will obtain sufficient copies of the evaluation forms from the SKHS Graduate Assistant in KHS 206.
  3. Students complete the forms during class some time during the ninth or tenth week of the term in question -- without the course instructor present.
  4. Class representative collects the completed forms and return them to the SKHS Graduate Assistant.
  5. SKHS Graduate Assistant will compile results of each course including the written comments.
  6. SKHS Graduate Assistant to provide a copy of the confidential summary to the course instructor.
  7. Course instructor to indiciate whether a copy should be provided to the SKHS Director and/or in their SKHS faculty file.