Opportunities for Involvement

As in any academic department, graduate students are integral to the running of the School.

Graduate student representatives serve on the following SKHS subcommittees:

  1. Academic Council (1 master's and 1 doctoral student) (which sets general policy for the School's graduate and undergraduate programs)
  2. Graduate Subcommittee (1 master's and 1 doctoral student)
  3. Faculty hiring committees (1 graduate student in the discipline area)
  4. Other ad hoc committees as appropriate.

In addition, graduate students select an SKHS representative to the Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) which is the main body responsible for graduate student affairs at Queen's. This body appoints graduate student members to larger University committees. It also provides services, advice and advocacy for graduate students.

Graduate students select their various subcommittee representatives through an election process during an SKHS Graduate Student Council meeting early each September. The list of these representatives is given to the SKHS Administrative Assistant to be recorded on the SKHS Committee Representatives list for that academic session.