Thesis Advisory Committee

Your Thesis Advisory Committee should be established early in your third or fourth term of study before significant activity e.g. data analysis and/or data collection begins. Deviations from this time line should be noted on your Progress Report.

The membership of your Thesis Advisory Committee will include a minimum of three members: the Supervisor and/or Co-Supervisor(s) and two other graduate faculty members (one of whom may be from another Queen's department or other university). Community or other experts may be asked to participate when appropriate.

Your Thesis Advisory Committee will meet to discuss and approve the Thesis Proposal. Each member of the Committee must be provided with a copy of your Thesis Proposal document five working days in advance of the meeting date (hard copy or PDF version). At this meeting, members will also assess your academic preparation to carry out the thesis research. The Thesis Advisory Committee may recommend that you strengthen your background in the research area, for instance, by taking additional courses, engaging in a program of reading, or taking some form of technical training. The Supervisor will record the discussion and decisions made at the meeting on an Advisory Committee / Thesis Proposal Meeting Fillable Form

The Advisory Committee/Thesis Proposal Meeting Form should be:

  1. Signed by all Committee members and the Student
  2. Supervisor to provide original to the SKHS Graduate Assistant
  3. SKHS Graduate Assistant to file original in SKHS graduate sudent file
  4. SKHS Graduate Assistant to provide Student and Supervisor with a copy of the Form
  5. Student to forward PDF version of thesis proposal to the SKHS Graduate Assistant via email to:
  6. SKHS Graduate Assistant to update student's Progress Report to indicate "thesis proposal received"

The thesis proposal is required to be approved and on file before the Student may begin documentation for their oral defense.