Thesis Oral Defense Preparation Instructions

Thesis Oral Defense Preparation/Thesis Submission Meeting

SKHS graduate students are required to visit the SKHS Graduate Assistant/Thesis Coordinator (Angie) to prepare for their master's defense no less than 30 working days prior to the date of the oral defense, or sooner where possible.  Angie is available at:
Tel: x75214
Location: SKHS Building, 28 Division Street, KHS 206

Defense Preparation/Thesis Submission Meeting

Student to meet with SKHS Graduate Assistant 30 working days prior to the thesis oral defense date to submit the 6 printed copies of their thesis document, and to complete and sign the Doctoral Oral Thesis Examination Form (available from the SKHS Graduate Assistant).  The Supervisor may choose, but is not required, to attend this meeting. The Oral Defense Form must include:

  1. Student signature for open or closed defense.
  2. Date, time, and location of the oral defense.
  3. Names and units of the supervisor, head's delegate, internal examiner, external examiner and external/external examiner. 
  4. Student to advise if any members of the examining committee require remote access, ie skype, to attend the defense and provide electronical addresses accordingly.
  5. Supervisor may choose to identify the head's delegate or they may direct the SKHS Graduate Assistant to identify a head's delegate per the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster.

Following the Defense Preparation/Thesis Submission Meeting, and within five (5) working days, the SKHS Grad Assistant will:

  • Request that SGS identify a chair. 
  • Obtain signatures of permission to proceed to defense from the supervisor and the SKHS Graduate Coordinator or Director.

Where the full examining committee is in place (excluding the chair) on the date of submission of the 6 printed thesis copies, the thesis copies may be submitted within 25 (twenty-five) working days before the oral defense (not including the submission date or the oral examination date).

Corrections to Thesis Document

Students may not provide corrections to their thesis after it has been submitted to the examining committee in preparation for the oral defense.  If the edit is substantial, ie a page or more affecting the examiner’s ability to understand the document, it may be granted on a one-off basis.  Arrangements can be made via the SKHS Graduate Assistant.

Instructions and forms for Doctoral Students

CLICK HERE for Doctoral Thesis Printing Instructions

Instructions for Supervisors on doctoral oral defenses

Instructions and forms for Examiners on doctoral oral defenses

Instructions and forms for Chairs on doctoral oral defenses - to be provided by SGS.

Definitions for pass/referred/fail outcome on a doctoral defense

Other Information and Instructions

Download the Tuition Refund Schedule [PDF] to find out what your tuition requirements will be based on your final completion date.

The thesis oral defense follows these steps:

  1. After the Candidate, the Examiners and the Chair have all been introduced to each other, the Candidate is asked to leave the room.
  2. The Chair reads the reports on the thesis submitted by each Examiner, asks for any clarification, and discusses the procedures that will be followed during the exam.
  3. The Candidate is invited to return to the room and is asked to give a brief (10-20 minutes) presentation about their thesis.
  4. Questioning then begins. Each examiner takes 15-20 minutes to ask their questions. The order of questioning is: external examiner, internal-external examiner, internal examiner, head or delegate, supervisor.
  5. There may be two or more rounds of questioning.
  6. When all questions are completed the Candidate will be asked to leave the room.
  7. The Chair will ask the examiners to discuss the Candidate's thesis and performance during the defense. Examiners will be asked to choose one of the three categories of results: passed,referred, failed.
  8. The Candidate will be asked to return to the room and will be told the result.
  9. The Candidate and the Chair will sign the necessary forms required by SGS.