Thesis Proposal

The purpose of a Thesis Advisory Committee meeting is to provide a consultative process for the student and to ensure that:

  1. The quantity and quality of the Proposal is appropriate in that it defines the scope of the thesis
  2. It demonstrates that the Student is prepared to undertake the work.
  3. It functions as a contractual agreement between the Student and the Supervisor/Committee to limit the thesis to the project identified.
  4. It is methodologically sound.
  5. The question proposed is logistically feasible.
  6. The project is achievable

Your Thesis Proposal should be approved by your Thesis Advisory Committee in your fourth term of study. The written Proposal is usually between 10 and 20 pages (double spaced). The length of proposals will vary depending on the number of studies proposed. The Proposal should include the following components:

  1. Rationale for the Study - A short statement to illustrate the importance of and reasons for doing such a study.
  2. Overview of the Literature - This should include a pointed review of the selected and most pertinent literature related to the study being proposed. This review should support the rationale for the study and definition of the research problem(s).
  3. Statement of the Problem - A concise statement that clearly outlines the specific problem(s) to be studied and indicates the limits of the study.
  4. Methods - The proposal must indicate the variables to be studied, the particular device or techniques to be employed in such measurement, and a description of the material (e.g., subjects of the study).
  5. Data Treatment - This will include a short outline of how the data will be collected and analyzed. An adequate discussion of the proposed treatment will convince the reader that a valid answer to the stated problem may be forthcoming.
  6. Bibliography. Proposals for dissertation projects that involve several studies should detail the methods, forms of analysis or other considerations that differ between studies.

After you have submitted your Thesis Proposal to each member of your Committee (5 working days in advance of the meeting), a meeting will be held to discuss the written document and the proposed project. The results of the meeting will be recorded on the Advisory Committee / Thesis Proposal Meeting Fillable Form. Any required revisions to the Proposal will be noted on the Form which will be signed by each member of the Committee and yourself. The completed Form will be placed in your SKHS graduate student file along with the approved Thesis Proposal (as per required revisions).

If the nature of the studies outlined in the proposal change, the Thesis Advisory Committee needs to meet to provide constructive direction, and approval, for the changes. Once again, the outcome of the meeting is to be recorded on the Advisory Committee / Thesis Proposal Meeting Fillable Form and the Form will be filed in the student's SKHS graduate file.  You may not proceed to your final thesis oral examination in the absence of an approved thesis proposal.