Thesis Examining Committee

The membership of the Thesis Examining Committee is determined by your Supervisor. The Thesis Examining Committee includes:

  • a Chair (a faculty member of the School)
  • an External Examiner from another unit at Queen's University (who did not serve on the Thesis Proposal Committee) (chosen by the Supervisor), with expertise in your area of interest. It is preferred that the External Examiner be physically present for the oral thesis examination. However, in certain extenuating circumstances, it is acceptable for the oral thesis examination to be scheduled so that the External Examiner from another unit at Queen’s University could participate in the oral thesis examination remotely using video conference or teleconference. Arrangements for the use of remote access services must be made by the Student and their Supervisor in conjunction with the Chair.  Remote attendance must be reported on the Oral Examination Form
  • an Examiner from inside the School with expertise in your area of interest
  • the Director of the School or their delegate
  • the Supervisor


  1. The master's student being examined must be present in person at Queen’s University for their oral thesis examination.
  2. For the regulations on how to proceed with the oral thesis examination if one Examiner cannot attend due to sudden illness etc., see Absence of Examiners.

Instructions on how to select the examining committee, the timeline to prepare for your defense, and details on your preparation meeting with the SKHS Graduate Assistant are available here: