Teaching Assistant - Evaluation

Teaching Assistantship Evaluation

The purpose of the Teaching Assistant (TA) Evaluation Form is:

  • to provide Teaching Assistants (TAs) with feedback in a non-threatening manner
  • to allow TAs to use the TA Evaluation Form as part of their academic portfolio if desired
  • to give course instructors an opportunity to assist TAs with the content or delivery of the material in their course.

It should be noted that the form is designed for situations where individual TAs can be evaluated based on their direct interaction with students (i.e., seminars, laboratories, lecturers, etc).

This material is CONFIDENTIAL and viewed only by the course instructor and TA. Written consent from the student is required for access to that student’s file by all others excluding the Graduate Assistant and Graduate Coordinator in performing their administrative responsibilities.

How to Submit your TA Evaluation Package - there are 3 steps to complete your Evaluation Request to the SKHS Grad Assistant:

  1. TA Evaluation Form Instructions - READ the complete instructions on how to prepare your personalized TA evaluation package
  2. TA Evaluation Request Form - PRINT, PREPARE and SIGN Eval Request Form and attach to Eval Form Template (below) and submit to SKHS Grad Assistant
  3. Build Your Own TA Evaluation Form - PREPARE YOUR EVALUATION FORM - select your questions from the Evaluation Form template.  You may choose just the first 10 standard questions OR you may add  some or all of the additional questions.  PRINT one copy of this two-page evaluation form to accompany your Request Form and submit to SKHS Grad Assistant