Thesis Completion Instructions for Master's Students

Thesis Oral Defense Preparation Meeting

SKHS graduate students are required to visit the SKHS Graduate Assistant/Thesis Coordinator (Angie) to prepare for their master's defense no less than 15 working days (not including the date of the meeting or the date of the defense) before the oral examination, or sooner where possible.  Angie is available at:
Tel: x75214
Location: SKHS Building, 28 Division Street, KHS 206

Preparations for your defense include:

Defense Preparation Meeting - to be held five (5) working days prior to Thesis Submission Meeting Date

  • Student to meet with SKHS Graduate Assistant 5 days prior to the thesis submission date (see below for submission date details) to submit the Master's Oral Thesis Examination Form (available from the SKHS Graduate Assistant) which should include all signatures, the date, time, the location of the oral defense and the names and units of the supervisor, internal, and external examiners.  The Supervisor may choose, but it not required, to attend this meeting. 
  • SKHS Graduate Assistant to identify a chair using the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster to identify who is next in line to serve in this capacity. 
  • Supervisor may choose to identify the head's delegate or they may director the SKHS Graduate Assistant to identify a head's delegate using the SKHS Faculty Member Defense Service roster to select who is next in line to serve in this capacity.
  • Student to make other associated arrangements for skype or webex participation if required and advise the SKHS Graduate Assistant to note it on the Oral Exam Form

Thesis Submission Meeting - to be held fifteen (15) working days prior to defense date.

  • Student to meet with the SKHS Graduate Assistant fifteen (15) working days prior to the oral defense to prepare thesis document for distribution to the defense committee members (the meeting takes about 20 minutes).  Student must bring a hard copy thesis document for each member of the committee.  The document may be printed black ink on white paper, double-sided, not bound.  The SKHS Graduate Assistant will provide clips after attaching a copy of the Oral Examination Form to each thesis copy.
  • Student to hand deliver a hard copy of the thesis to the external committee member.  The SKHS Graduate Assistant will deliver remaining copies to SKHS committee members via their SKHS Mailbox.  Where the external examiner is from another university, the SKHS Graduate Coordinator will arrange to have the thesis couriered to them.  Where an examiner requests an electronic copy of the thesis, the student will make arrangements to provide the e-copy in addition to the hard copy.
  • Download Master's Thesis version for oral defense - Printing Instructions 

Corrections to Thesis Document

  • Students may not provide corrections to their thesis after it has been submitted to the examining committee in preparation for the oral defense.  If the edit is substantial, ie a page or more affecting the examiner’s ability to understand the document, it may be granted on a one-off basis.

Instructions and forms for Master's Students

Instructions for Supervisors on master's defenses

Instructions and forms for Examiners on master's defenses

Instructions and forms for Chairs on master's defenses

Definitions for pass/referred/fail outcome on a  master's defenses

Other Information and Instructions

Download the Tuition Refund Schedule [PDF] to find out what your tuition requirements will be based on your final completion date.