Degree Programs

Students measuring forearm muscle bloodflow with ultrasound
Socio-cultural students sharing research activities

Master of Arts

Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

All students receive their degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies.

All master's programs are full-time, two-year, thesis-based programs.

All doctoral programs are full-time, four-year, thesis-based programs.

SKHS Graduate Pathway to PhD Degree Completion - At A Glance

Biomechanics - MSc/PhD

The integration of anatomical and mechanical aspects of human motion and in-depth study in functional anatomy and the mechanics of human movement

Exercise Physiology - MSc/PhD

The adaptation of the human organism to exercise; and training and advancing knowledge in occupational and health applications of the traditional exercise disciplines

Socio-Cultural Studies of Sport, Health and the Body - MA/PhD

Sport and physical activity as a social phenomenon

Physical Activity Epidemiology - MSc/PhD

Physical activity epidemiology provides students with education in a multi-disciplinary program exploring the issues of health at the population level that is based in Health Canada's paradigm for health research, the population health framework

Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity - MSc/PhD

The psychology of sport and physical activity

Health Promotion - MSc/PhD

The art and science of facilitating behavioural, educational, environmental, regulatory, organizational, or political mechanisms that enable individuals, groups, and communities to improve and increase control over their health, and to promote health equity.

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