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(Peter Janiszewski and Travis Saunders) Blog Article 2009:

Kingston seniors get fit for research

Recently, I discussed the findings of a major study from our lab that was published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. To further advertise our work, spread the information to the general population, as well as thank those individuals from the local community who made the study possible, I wrote an article for the local paper, Kingston This Week, which was published late last week.

Here is the article:
New research suggests that older adults should regularly engage in both endurance (walking, swimming, etc.) and resistance (calisthenics, weight training, etc.) exercise to improve physical function and to reduce diabetes risk.

The study, conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Ross at Queen’s University, demonstrated that seniors who performed the prescribed exercise saw tremendous improvements in their ability to perform physical tasks as well as their ability to metabolize sugar - improvements that occurred in concert with reductions in fat mass and increases in muscle mass.