Graduate Students Convocate on 21 November 2012 - Congratulations !


SKHS graduate students who convocated on 21 November 2012  ..... congratulations!


L to R Back Row:

Joan Stevenson (Faculty), Jean Cote (Faculty), Kyra Pyke (Faculty), Ryan Graham (PhD), Trevor King (MSc), Rob Bentley (MSc), Trevor O'Neill (MSc),Kelly Kenney (MSc), Brittany Edgett (MSc), Emma Bassett (MSc), Kimberly Bergeron (PhD), Brenda Brouwer (Dean, Graduate Studies), Amy Latimer-Cheung (Faculty)

L to R Front Row:

Ian Janssen (Faculty), Lauren McNicol (MA), Rachel Laxer (MSc), Erin Berenbaum (MSc), Valerie Carson (PhD),


Colin Boyd (MSc), Phillip Sheppard (MSc), Catherine Smallman (MSc), Ingrid Szijgyarto (MSc), Jeremy Walsh (MSc)

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