Bob Ross - weight loss study more than a fad

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KINGSTON Whig-Standard (snipped 07 Jan 2014)

Weight loss study more than a fad - You can see the ads any time you open a newspaper or turn on the television: people extolling the virtues of some diet book or weight-loss program or exercise video.

There is no doubt vigorous exercise combined with dieting can help you lose weight — sometimes drastically — but what those ads don’t show is what happened to the people after six months or a year. Did they maintain their weight loss or did they slide back into their old habits and put all of the weight back on again?

Behavioural interventionist Stephanie Corras (working under the supervision of Professor Bob Ross, SKHS) will be helping run a new study by Queen's University's Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Research Unit in which people will be helped to lose weight gradually so they can maintain the loss over the long term. MICHAEL LEA\THE WHIG-STANDARD\QMI AGENCY

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