Horwood Outdoor Conference - Bob Henderson says he was "most impressed by the event"

In The News

(snipped 28 Jan 2013) I am just back from the first "annual" Student Outdoor Education Horwood Conference at Queen's sponsored in part by the School of Kinesiology.  I was most impressed by the event. It was well organized on the day, well attended (meaning well organized before the event) and already 2 days later, well  closed down with follow up items.  Kyle Clarke and his team did a remarkable job, and I do mean remarkable, to get so many out for a first time. The student sessions were an balance excellent and the student interaction between institutions and ugrad and grad and with the special guest Bert Horwood was a treat to see and felt very special.  as the opening keynote to celebrate Bert Horwood, I felt I was specially honoured. Bert retired 20 years ago. What a privilege to introduce him to so many young people and have him share in the day.  Truly a SPECIAL time was had by all. Congrats to Queen's for hosting and to Kyle Clarke for conceiving the gathering and pulling it off in fine style. Please share this with the right folks.  Bob Henderson retired 2010 McMaster univ - adjunct Brock University