Physically active adults? Dr. Valerie Carson

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Physically active adults? Get ‘em when they’re young says new prof (Dr. Valerie Carson, PhD, former graduate student with the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen's University).  Story by Jane Hurley

If we want to foster healthy, active lifestyles in people throughout their lives, we need to start at the beginning - with the very young, according to Dr. Valerie Carson, the faculty’s (University of Alberta, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation) newest academic hire.  A newly-minted professor in behavioural medicine, Carson’s research focuses on understanding sedentary behaviour and physical activity, particularly in relation to young people’s health.  “My graduate work has primarily involved examining the relationship between physical activity, sedentary behaviour, obesity, and other health outcomes and identifying the determinants that influence physical activity and sedentary behaviour,” says Carson. “While my work has spanned 0- to 19-year olds, I have a particular interest in the early years (children less than five-years old) because, increasingly, research supports intervening as early as possible to promote a healthy active lifestyle.”  Read full story here