Dr. Elaine Power says "basic income guarantee would lessen poverty"

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Opinion Column  - Kingston Whig Standard (snipped)           KingstonFoodbankJun2015

Basic income guarantee would lessen poverty   - says Dr. Elaine Power

HLTH 415 Students In The News - Health initiatives for a healthy community

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Healthy initiatives for a healthy community

Tuesday April 28, 2015 (snipped) By Rosie Hales, Communications Officer

Walk With Your Doc Event - HUGE Success

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The SKHS Exercise Is Medicine team hosted the

Walk With Your Doc event the weekend of 09 May 2015.



It was a HUGE success. We had about 30 people from the Kingston community in total come out - faces we haven't seen before!

We had about 5-7 physicians come as well. One woman asked her doctorto go and they came together which was great to see.