SKHS Wins Men's Soccer Intramural - Aug 2014 - Awesome !

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SKHS won the Men's soccer intramural championship August 2014

(snipped from Golden Gaels website) In a thrilling final, SKHS United defeated Allan's Angels in penalties, to win the 2014 Men's Summer Soccer Championship.  A penalty goal for Allan's Angels opened the scoring, followed by a quick 2-goal outburst from SKHS United.  Late in the second half, Allan's Angels tied the game.  Overtime solved nothing, leading to penalty kicks, where SKHS outscored their opponents 5-4.

Kyle Clarke, MA Candidate wins Ontario Nature Award

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Local conservation hero wins Ontario Nature award -

Kyle Clarke recognized for leadership in the protection of nature (snipped)


(Toronto, Ontario, July 3, 2014) –

Dr Steve Fischer - and Paramedics team up with CRE-MSD to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

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(snipped) from News from the CREs Issue 14 Spring 2014

Fischer research team (including Brendan Coffey, SKHS MSc Candidate) team up with paramedics  and CRE-MSD to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.