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Hate on Ice - Dr. Mary Louise Adams and Dr. William Bridel Discuss in Newsweek

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The Frozen Closet

Hate on the Ice - The surprising truth about the olympics "gayest" sport -By / January 30, 2014 12:00 PM EST (snipped)

SKHS Grad Students Support CardioBash


On 21 Jan 2014 a group of SKHS Graduate students supported Cardiocoach Cardiobash by participating in the Party Cardiobash event. 


Way to go everybody !

Dr. Brendon Gurd - 2 interviews re HiiT study and 1 re antioxidant usage study

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To learn more about Dr. Brendon Gurd's ongoing research work and enjoy ecent interviews/discussions follow the links below:

Bob Ross - weight loss study more than a fad

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KINGSTON Whig-Standard (snipped 07 Jan 2014)

Weight loss study more than a fad - You can see the ads any time you open a newspaper or turn on the television: people extolling the virtues of some diet book or weight-loss program or exercise video.

Elaine Power - HLTH 101 Basics: A wake-up call

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Health 101 Basics: A community wake-up call

(snipped from Kingston Whig-Standard 08 Jan 2014 - submitted by Elaine Power, Associate Professor, SKHS)

Lucie Lévesque - getting proactive for children's health (e)Affect Magazine Fall 2013

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Getting proactive for children's health Lucie Lévesque - in (e)Affect Magazine Fall 2013 (snipped)

Lucie Lévesque wants kids in Mexico to get active and achieve a healthy body weight, but  her task is easier said than done.