SKHS Grad Team Wins at BEWIC Sports Day


SKHS Grad Students Support CardioBash


On 21 Jan 2014 a group of SKHS Graduate students supported Cardiocoach Cardiobash by participating in the Party Cardiobash event. 


Way to go everybody !

Mariane Heroux, PhD (SKHS-Queen's University) - Lean Eating Coach


Mariane’s graduate research focused on childhood obesity and ways to prevent it with nutrition and activity (snipped)

For the full story on Mariane's research journey and current position as a Lean Eating Coach click here

Robert Bentley and Jeremy Walsh - success at 2013 OEP Conference


Robert Bentley, PhD Candidate - congratulations - Rob won the Student Award at the 2013 Ontario Exercise Physiology (OEP) held on 25-27 Jan 2013.

Jeremy Walsh, PhD Candidate - congratulations - Jeremy was one of 4 finalists in the Student Award Competition at the 2013 OEP Conference held on 25-27 Jan 2013.


Graduate Students Convocate on 21 November 2012 - Congratulations !


SKHS graduate students who convocated on 21 November 2012  ..... congratulations!


L to R Back Row:

Tara Diesbourg, PhD Candidate, Finalist at OBC 2012


PhD candidate Tara Diesbourg declared a Finalist at OBC 2012.  Tara’s paper was entitled: “The cervical flexion relaxation phenomenon is modulated by trunk posture, but not by whole-body posture”.  

Ryan Graham, PhD Candidate, wins Canadian Society of Biomechanics PhD Award at OBC-2012


Ryan Graham, PhD Candidate, wins the Canadian Society of Biomechanics PhD Award at the OBC-2012 in March 2012.  His paper was entitled: “Uncovering the elephant: towards unifying static and dynamic measures of spine stability”.