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Alyssa Fenuta, PhD Candidate in SKHS participating in ParaPanAm Torch Relay 03 Aug 2015

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Ian Janssen, 2nd Annual Heart and Stroke Foundation Lecture Series 13 Apr 2015

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CLICK here for details on Dr. Ian Janssen's presentation - outdoor play keeps the doctor away scheduled for MONDAY 13 April 2015 at 4:30 pm at the Queen's Medicine Building, 15 Arch Street, Queen's Campus.

Exercise, Prescribed - KNPE 463 student-developed initiatives have real-world benefits

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Dr Robert Ross discusses: "Do workouts have to be high intensity to have an impact?"

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Robert Ross (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) – Do workouts have to be high intensity to have an impact,

For some time, the buzzword in fitness circles has been intensity. High-intensity workouts, conventional wisdom has it, deliver better results faster. They are the surest route to building muscle, shedding fat, fortifying the heart and lungs, and improving stamina and endurance.

Dr. Elaine Power talks about citizens' groups pushing for guaranteed annual income

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Dr. Elaine Power (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) - Since the recession, citizens' groups have been springing up across the country to push for a guaranteed annual income, in the Click here for FULL Story in the Toronto Star.

CLICK here for PDF version of story

Robert Ross says "One Size Doesn't Fit All"

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Queen’s Gazette - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 (snipped)

One size doesn't fit all

Tuesday March 3, 2015

By Anne Craig, Communications Officer

Short, high intensity workouts have the same impact on reducing our waistline as longer, lower intensity workouts, according to new research out of Queen’s University. However, the research revealed high intensity workouts have an added benefit of reducing two-hour glucose levels.

SKHS Graduate Studies Application Deadline EXTENDED to 01 April 2015

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ONLINE APPLICATION for entry in Sept 2015 - DEADLINE EXTENDED to 01 April 2015.   

Details: If you apply for graduate studies and hit submit AFTER 01 March 2015 you will:

What's It Take to Burn Fat These Days? - Bob Ross says "take it slow"

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There’s no secret, quick fix for fat loss, so learn to take it slow with these three tips

“What’s the best approach to burn fat?” That’s a hot topic in our gym these days. Probably it’s a symptom of midwinter, with many of us looking forward to a warm-weather vacation in March that features beach time and swimsuits.

Ian Janssen - on Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list

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Dr. Ian Janssen, of the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, in Queen's University (e) Affect Magazine, Fall 2014.  He has been placed on the Thomson Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list.  ".....list is determined by Essential Science Indicators and includes scientists and researchers whose papers rank among the top 1% most cited in their subject field from 2002 to 2012."  Dr.

CIMVHR Funding for Queen's University -- Celina Shirazipour, PhD Candidate, SKHS, receives Wounded Warriors Canada Doctoral Scholarship

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Major funding boosts military health research

(snipped from The Gazette)  -  Wednesday November 26, 2014

The Queen’s-based Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) has received a $10 million funding boost from Health Canada and the True Patriot Love Foundation.&n