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Dr. Lucie Levesque "New research focuses on positive youth development in Aboriginal communities"

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New research focuses on positive youth development in Aboriginal communities


Faculty and students from Queen’s University are working with

Physically active adults? Dr. Valerie Carson

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Physically active adults? Get ‘em when they’re young says new prof (Dr. Valerie Carson, PhD, former graduate student with the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen's University).  Story by Jane Hurley

If we want to foster healthy, active lifestyles in people throughout their lives, we need to start at the beginning - with the very young, according to Dr.

Inactivity costs us $6.8-billion a year - Dr. Ian Janssen

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Inactivity costs us $6.8-billion a year. (You thought love handles were bad)

Valerie Carson, PhD Candidate, receives a 2012 Endeavour Research Fellowship Award

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Valerie Carson, PhD Candidate, has received a 2012 Endeavour Research Fellowship Award. to undertake postdoctoral research in human movement at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. She will undertake her Award from June through October, 2012, and her study will focus on a behavioural and environmental intervention targeting physical activity and sedentary behaviour among children. 

Full Press Release available here

Queen's-led program tackles obesity in Mexico - Program Leader Dr. Ian Janssen

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2012-03-05 (snipped)

Health counseling in doctors' office reduces obesity more effectively than doctor's advice - Dr. Robert Ross

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2012-02-28 (snipped)

A physical activity and diet program implemented by health educators working in a doctor’s office may be a more effective way to get obese people to lose abdominal fat than advice from a doctor alone, acc

Valerie Carson, PhD Candidate - speaking on risks of sedentary behaviour

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Valerie Carson (snipped) (School of Health and Kinesiology PhD candidate) – Speaking on the risks of sedentary behavior, in the Times of India and the Hartford Courant and on various medical websites.

Samantha King goes the extra mile

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More intersections mean less outdoor activity for children - Dr. Ian Janssen on study team

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(snipped) - 11 Oct 2011

High intersection density and well-connected streets in towns and cities may discourage children from being active and exercising outdoors, according to a Queen’s University study.

Queen's-created ethics tutorial garners national attention - Dr. Joan Stevenson on development team

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(snipped) - 2011-10-07

An online educational tool originally developed at Queen’s is now being used by researchers across Canada.