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Elaine Power - HLTH 101 Basics: A wake-up call

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Health 101 Basics: A community wake-up call

(snipped from Kingston Whig-Standard 08 Jan 2014 - submitted by Elaine Power, Associate Professor, SKHS)

Lucie Lévesque - getting proactive for children's health (e)Affect Magazine Fall 2013

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Getting proactive for children's health Lucie Lévesque - in (e)Affect Magazine Fall 2013 (snipped)

Lucie Lévesque wants kids in Mexico to get active and achieve a healthy body weight, but  her task is easier said than done. 

Joan Stevenson - on Daily Planet

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Dr. Joan Stevenson, Emeritus, was recently featured on The Daily Planet discussing her research leading to the development of a new backpack design for the Canadian Military. 

Elaine Power - Meal smokescreen

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Meal smokescreen (snipped)

Lucie Levesque 2012-2013 SGPS Graduate Support Award Winner

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(snipped 21 Aug 2013)

Dr. Lucie Levesque was selected as the winner of 2012-2013 SGPS Graduate Support Award.

This award is to recognize a meaningful contribution to the academic and/or non-academic experience of graduate students. Nominations for the award come from the Queen's community. The winner is selected via consensus of the SGPS Special Awards committee.

Further details about our awards can be found at:

Horwood Outdoor Conference - Bob Henderson says he was "most impressed by the event"

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Robert Ross - Health Researchers awarded CIHR funding

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Queen's health researchers awarded $5.35 million

2013-07-04 (snipped)

Ten Queen’s University researchers were awarded over $5.35 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (

Jasmin Ma 3MT Finalist

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The Final - 21st March 2013

Results of the 2013 competition:

1st place - Xiaoqian Liu (Education)

2nd place - Ryley Beddoe (Civil Engineering)

People's Choice - Alaa al-Helaili (Physiology - DBMS)

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Ian Janssen - total amount of exercise important, not frequency, research shows.....

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2013-06-20 (snipped)

A new study by Queen’s University researchers has determined that adults who accumulated 150 minutes of exercise on a few days of the week were not any less healthy than adults who exercised more frequently throughout the week.

Queen's researchers

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Queen's researchers receive $1.3 million in federal funding