Teaching Fellow Positions

Teaching Fellow Positions Available

for Fall Term 2015 and Winter 2016

Deadline to apply is Friday 24 April 2015 at 4:30 pm

(SKHS Graduate Students in Preference Group A will be given priority).

FALL 2015 

HLTH 315/3.0 – Theory and Practice of Health Behaviour Change 

This course provides an overview of models and theories of health behaviour change at varying levels of practice and analysis, including individual, intrapersonal, group, and community influences on health behaviour.  Students will learn how theories are applied in health promotion interventions in a variety of settings, with a variety of populations, and for a variety of health behaviours. 

Term: Fall 2015

Projected Enrolment: 170 students

KNPE 203/3.0 – The Art and Science of Coaching

This course will provide students with an introduction, overview, and synthesis of current coaching theory and practices that will help form the basis for sound, ethical and effective coaching.

Term:  Fall 2015

Projected Enrolment:  80 students


HLTH 305/3.0 – Fundamentals of Health Policy

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of health policy, with an emphasis on the Canadian context. Topics to be discussed include the history of the Canadian public health care

system; the Canada Health Act; the political and economic environment of the Canadian health care system; the Canadian system in comparative perspective with the US and other countries; and contemporary issues, ideas and challenges in Canadian health policy. 

Term:  Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment: 170 students

HLTH 331/3.0 - Advanced Human Nutrition- please note this class will be offered in an evening time slot

Current issues relating to nutrition and health promotion/disease prevention. Such topics as cardiovascular disease, weight control, eating disorders, nutrient needs during the life cycle, fads and quackery, sociocultural, economic and media influences. Topics may vary.

Term: Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment: 170 students

HLTH 334/3.0 - The Politics of Health & Illness

Explores cultural meanings of health and illness, the power dynamics through which these meanings are constructed, and related injustices in bodily experiences.

Term: Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment: 90 students

KNPE 125/3.0 – Introduction to Human Physiology

This course provides an introduction to human physiology from the cellular to the systemic level with special emphasis on the systems that adapt to exercise stress. The following areas will be covered: the cell, nervous system, skeletal muscle system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, neuroendocrine system, and renal system.

Term: Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment: 250 students

KNPE 167/3.0 - Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport & Physical Activity

An introduction to sociological thinking about sport and physical activity. Among the topics to be discussed are: an exploration of what constitutes sport and under what conditions; how social relations of class, race, gender, and sexuality shape sport experiences; the business of sport; and the relationship between the media and sport.  Restricted to students in kinesiology or physical and health education.

Projected Enrolment: 185 students

KNPE 327/3.0 – Exercise Physiology Laboratory

This lecture/laboratory experience is designed to establish student understanding of, and technical skills in, the measurement of human physiological responses and performance capacity in exercise. Students will learn the technical and theoretical basis for such measurement, and develop familiarity with tests of physiological function during rest and exercise. This is intended to prepare them for experiences in human performance, clinical and medical settings.

Term:  Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment:  60 students

PACT 237/3.0 - Practicum in Physical Activity for Children

This activity-based course will allow students to lead the daily physical activity (DPA) program at local elementary schools. Students will learn how to design appropriate lesson plans, and then will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and implement their program within the school system.  Restricted to students in physical and health education.

Term: Winter 2016

Projected Enrolment: 55 students


BPHE degree undergraduate course summaries are available here for KNPE and PACT courses

KINE degree undergraduate course summaries are available here for KNPE and PACT courses

All undergraduate course summaries are available here for HLTH courses

Course summaries include details on course content, lecture, lab, tutorial and seminar times (when confirmed), course materials students require for learning and other relevant information. 


How to Apply for all Teaching Fellow Positions listed above - all applications were due by Friday 24  April 2015 at 4:30 pm

Apply for each position separately.

Apply via email to: aam2@queensu.ca.  Your email (one 8-1/2" x 11" page or less) should include the following information:

1/ indicate whether you have served as a TF for this course in the past and when

2/ indicate whether you have served as a TA for this course in the past and when

3/ list what specific background, education or experiences you have that make you the best candidate for the position


Teaching Fellow decisions are made by the SKHS Admin Academic Subcommittee.  Decisions will be provided via email from the SKHS Admin Assist to the Teaching Fellow directly.  Those identified as to serve as Teaching Fellows will be asked to provide a current cv - please have these ready if you apply. 

Information Session to Prepare for Your Teaching Fellowship

The School will provide a Teaching Fellow Information Session for all new and returning TFs.  This one or two-day session will be led by staff from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, SKHS faculty members and returning Teaching Fellows.  TFs will be provided with logistics information including setting up Moodle, ordering textbooks, working with staff in the SKHS Admin Office, accepting your TF contract, salary payment processes, review relevant Queen's policies, procedures, rules and regulations associated with being a Teaching Fellow at Queen's University.

There will be time for TFs to ask questions. 

This session is offered each year during May or June.  Date, time and location will be posted here when available.


Upon acceptance of a Teaching Fellowship by the Teaching Fellow, the SKHS Admin Assistant will prepare relevant documentation for signature of acceptance by the Teaching Fellow.  Salary payments occur monthly on the last working day of the four months of that Term by direct deposit to the Teaching Fellow's band account in 1/4 of the total contract value for that term.

TF Responding To A Student Who Is In Distress

CLICK HERE for at-a-glance instructions and tips on helping your students when they are in distress.  Refer to the SKHS Undergraduate Coordinator to ensure you are helping your students in the best way possible.


All teaching fellowships are governed by the PSAC 901 TA TF Collective Agreement

Contact PSAC 901:  info@psac901.org


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