Exercise Physiology

Faculty Members

Brendon Gurd, PhD (Muscle Physiology)

  • transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial content and the role of exercise in mediating this regulation
  • the importance of intramuscular localization on transcriptional regulation and muscle function
  • acute changes in mitochondrial and metabolic function following exercise
  • the changes that occur in the factors outlined above in obesity and Type II diabetes

Research Lab - Muscle Physiology Lab

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Kyra Pyke, PhD (Cardiovascular Stress Response)

  • functional and structural responses of the arterial system to blood flow and exercise
  • impact of stress on cardiovascular function and health
  • autonomic control of cardiovascular function

Research Lab - Cardiovascular Stress Response Lab

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Robert Ross, PhD (Exercise Physiology)

  • the study of cardiovascular and metabolic responses and/or adaptations to acute or chronic physical activity
  • role of physical activity in cardiovascular and metabolic function in health and disease
  • impact of diet and exercise on metabolic diseases
  • oxygen delivery to exercising muscle in health and disease

Research Lab - Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Research Unit

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Michael Tschakovsky, PhD (Human Vascular Control)

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic responses and adaptations to acute and chronic physical activity
  • Control mechanisms responsible for regulation of exercising muscle blood flow and oxygen delivery
  • Impact of disease on cardiovascular support of exercising muscle

Research Lab - Human Vascular Control Lab

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