Health Promotion

Faculty Members

Stevenson Fergus, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • community-based research
  • HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence in rural South Africa
  • vulnerable populations

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Amy Latimer, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • physical activity promotion for people with a disability
  • characteristics of effective health messages
  • changing attitudes towards people with a disability

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Lucie Levesque, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • planning, implementation, and evaluation of community-based physical activity interventions
  • participatory research and health promotion with Indigenous communities

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Jeffrey Masuda, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • marginalized populations, place and health

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Spencer Moore, PhD (Population Health)

  • "the science and art of promoting health, preventing disease, prolonging life and improving quality of life through the organized efforts of society" (National Advisory Committee on SARS and Public Health, 203, p. 46)
  • investigation of issues that affect the health of groups and communities
  • plan, implement and evaluate public health interventions
  • multi-level view of health determinants

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