Health Promotion

Faculty Members

Stevenson Fergus, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • community-based research
  • HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence in rural South Africa
  • vulnerable populations

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Amy Latimer-Cheung, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • physical activity promotion for people with a disability
  • characteristics of effective health messages
  • changing attitudes towards people with a disability

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Lucie Levesque, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • planning, implementation, and evaluation of community-based physical activity interventions
  • participatory research and health promotion with Indigenous communities

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Jeffrey Masuda, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • marginalized populations, place and health

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Jennifer Tomasone, PhD (Health Promotion)

  • community-based physical activity programming for persons with disabilities and cancer
  • health care professional behaviour change with respect to physical activity promotion
  • knowledge translation

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