Human Research Ethics Procedures & Information

Steps to prepare your human research ethics documentation

Steps to be completed by the student

  1. Complete the CORE online tutorial and save your completion certificate
  2. Prepare your research proposal, methods, and questionnaire(s) as applicable.
  3. Complete the Romeo Self Registration
  4. Log in to ROMEO using your net ID and password
  5. Complete the steps in sequence
  6. Hit Submit

After you have completed your CORE Ethics Education Online Tutorial

You are now ready to begin your documentation for research involving human subjects.  SKHS has a Unit Research Ethics Board (Unit REB) that assists in processing all research related documentation.  Your documentation will be reviewed by the Unit REB for accuracy, completeness, and to ensure that it follows are required policies, procedures and guidelines established by the University.  The SKHS Unit REB Subcommittee will use a checklist to ensure your submission meets those standards.  To assist you in preparing your ethics documentation submission to the highest standard, please review the SKHS Unit REB Reviewer's Checklist available here.

Steps to be completed by SKHS Unit REB

  1. Review by the SKHS Unit REB will be completed within three weeks of your submission
  2. You will receive notification via email if your submission requires edits
  3. Low risk projects will by reviewed and approved by the SKHS Unit REB
  4. Higher risk projects will be forwarded to the General Research Ethics Board (GREB) for review and approval
  5. Where your project is sent for review by GREB you will receive notification via ROMEO.  Further discussion will take place between the student and GREB directly
  6. SKHS Unit REB will receive an approval letter for SKHS files

Upon receipt of written approval from the appropriate level of review - Unit REB or GREB - you may proceed with your project.

Some ethics projects will require approval through the Health Sciences Research Board - details available here.