Study Participant Opportunities

The School has a number of research studies underway.  These studies may be led by students or faculty members. Many studies require human participation. If you wish to serve as study participant current opportunities and contact information is available below:

Study #1:  Can we measure trunk stiffness in vivo?: The effect of muscle contraction on trunk stiffness

Subject Eligibility:  Healthy, university-aged individuals with no current back pain, and no severe back pain (causing you to miss school or work) in the past 12 months

Lab visits:  One 75-minute session

Contact:  Tara at –

Compensation:  $20

The Spine Biomechanics lab is looking for female participants who have had spinal fusion surgery to correct for idiopathic scoliosis. We are looking to quantify the differences in spinal stiffness between control subjects and those with spinal fusion. The surgery must have been completed more than 12 months ago.  The study will start the week of November 25th and requires one visit, lasting about 75 minutes. You will be paid $20 for your participation in this study.  If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, please contact Tara at

Thank you!

Spinal Fusion Stiffness Validation STUDY DETAILS AVAILABLE HERE

Study #2 – Head Supported Mass and Performance

What:  A two-part study examining how head supported mass in the form of military helmets and night vision goggles affects performance during a visual target acquisition task. Part one of the study will explore the between-day reliability of the system designed to assess performance during the completion of visual target acquisition tasks and will require participants to complete two sessions. The second part of the study will explore the effect of three different head supported mass conditions on visual target acquisition performance. This part of the study will be completed during the first session.

Who:   Healthy males aged 18-35 with normal color vision and no history of neck pain.

How Much Time:  Participants in the study will have the opportunity to complete one or two sessions based on the study design and will be compensated accordingly. The first session will require approximately 2 hours and the second session will require about 75 minutes.

Compensation:  Up to $25 based on number of sessions completed. Participants will be compensated $15 for the first session and an additional $10 for the second session as required. A gift card in each respective amount will be provided.

Contact:  Aaron Derouin –

Additional Information:  CLICK HERE for Head Supported Recruitment Poster / further information PDF version