Study Participant Opportunities

The School has a number of research studies underway.  These studies may be led by students or faculty members. Many studies require human participation. If you wish to serve as study subject current opportunities and contact information is available below.

Study #1: - $ PAID $ research opportunity!

Who:  Healthy males aged 18-26, non-smokers, good health, normal weight

What: This study will examine blood flow responses during forearm exercise

How much time:  ~7 hours total over 3 visits: visits involve forearm exercise, non-invasive blood flow measures, and blood draws (total of ~ 200ml over 3 visits) - opportunity for additional studies and $$$

Contact: Robert Bentley for info and bookings - Email:

Study #2:  Can we measure trunk stiffness in vivo?: The effect of muscle contraction on trunk stiffness

Subject Eligibility:  Healthy, university-aged individuals with no current back pain, and no severe back pain (causing you to miss school or work) in the past 12 months

Lab visits:  One 75-minute session

Contact:  Tara at –

Remuneration:  $20

The Spine Biomechanics lab is looking for female participants who have had spinal fusion surgery to correct for idiopathic scoliosis. We are looking to quantify the differences in spinal stiffness between control subjects and those with spinal fusion. The surgery must have been completed more than 12 months ago.  The study will start the week of November 25th and requires one visit, lasting about 75 minutes. You will be paid $20 for your participation in this study.  If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, please contact Tara at

Thank you!

Spinal Fusion Stiffness Validation STUDY DETAILS AVAILABLE HERE

Study #3 - Paid research opportunity!

Who? Healthy, non-smoking males between 18-30 years old (who are sedentary or have low physical activity levels).Exclusion criteria include smokers (including individuals who quit smoking less than 6 months ago), high blood pressure, existing cardiovascular or metabolic disorders, obesity.

What? An ultrasound study to assess forearm blood flow

How long? Two 4 hour sessions (total 8 hours)

How much? Participants will be paid $11/hour

Where? School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Cardiovascular Stress Response Laboratory

Interested? Email (Meghan Plotnick) at or telephone 613-533-6000 (ext: 79377)

Study #4 - Paid research opportunity!

Who? Healthy, non-smoking males and females between 18-28 years of age who are not currently participating in regular, structured physical activity. Exclusion criteria: smokers (including individuals who quit smoking less than 6 months ago), high blood pressure, existing cardiovascular or metabolic disorders, obesity.

What? Researchers in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen's University are conducting a training study examining the impact of blood flow on arterial function. Arterial function is quantified using noninvasive ultrasound imaging.

How long? 8 weeks

How much? Participants will be provided with a $200 honorarium for completing the study.

Where? School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Cardiovascular Stress Response Laboratory

Interested? Email me (Sarah Schmitter) at or telephone 613-533-6000 (ext: 79377). 

Study #4 - Weight Maintenance & Lifestyle Counselling Study - ENGAGE

Subjects - 345 total participants between 25 and 65 years, inactive males and females, BMI between 25-40

Time Commitment - 2-3 years.  Initial visit to 28 Division Street Level 5 Lab for instruction/information session, followed by scheduled, occasional visits over duration of study.

Contact - Melinda at:  /  Telephone:  613-533-3062

Website: CLICK here to visit the ENGAGE website and sign up as a Participant

In the news:FULL ENGAGE STUDY DETAILS and Article About Study in Kingston Whig-Standard Newspaper AVAILABLE HERE as web link (Jan. 2014)

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